Feel good in Mat & Vic’s.

Better Socks for Happy Feet.


Designed for all-day wear, these versatile socks are crafted on Italian knitting machines to the highest production standards.

Perfect for men or women
Mat and Vic’s premium cotton socks are designed for daily wear from all day in the boardroom to weekends in the living room. Their lightweight, breathable, and durable design features a no-pressure elastic cuff so socks don’t sag; a reinforced heel for smooth wear with no friction; and a seamless toe for happy feet.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

We test all materials and follow best practices at every stage of production to ensure our socks meet the strictest quality and safety standards for both our customers and craftspeople and ecological standards for our planet.

At Mat and Vic’s, we believe you should be able to wear and wash your clothes without worrying about chemicals or other harmful substances and our socks are certified to meet those guidelines.

Perfect material Composition

All of our socks are made with 78% premium combed cotton, 20% polyamide (nylon), 2% elastane (spandex), and no polyester. This specially-chosen blend keeps your feet warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry all year round. No ordinary sock, Mat & Vic’s is designed to fit properly, never fray, and stay soft and comfy.

Just like shoes, one size sock does not fit all! Our collection comes in four sizes so you can choose the size that most fits your foot.

for the money these are by a long shot the best socks I've bought for the summer they are perfect ...

I don't usually rate things but I am a postman and I've had these socks for 6 months none of them have holes, I've tried a lot of different brands and usually get about 2 months max out of an entire pack and they all have holes from the wear of walking 4 hours a day, for the money these are by a long shot the best socks I've brought for the summer they are perfect so hard to get thin socks that last long.

Anton-Dobermann ... Verified Purchase (amazon.co.uk)

They fit!

So hard to get a pack of plain unpatterned socks! I'm glad I found these. Great quality and excellent price. I also like the size range. 6-8.5 is perfect for me. 6-11 are always too large. I will definitely buy this make again when I need to.

Kindle Customer ... Verified Purchase (amazon.co.uk)

Excellent socks

These are very comfortable socks. They are well made. The attraction to me was two fold. They contain a large percentage of cotton, and they come in a larger size than many men's socks. My son (size 13 shoe) liked them so much that we ordered another 10 pack.

Lindy 1973 ... Verified Purchase (amazon.com)

Good quality cotton dress socks for the money

Good quality cotton dress socks for the money. If you are like me, you try to avoid polyester or other artificial fabrics as they tend to stink after just one wearing. These socks are 72% cotton and don't sweat or stink like the "fake" fabric socks. The thickness is for dress shoes that you wear to the office not thick like you would want for steel-toe shoes/boots.

Basil ... Verified Purchase (amazon.com)